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LETU Takes Precautions to Protect Health During Flu Season


(Longview, TX) - LeTourneau University is taking precautions to protect the health and safety of its students, faculty and staff during the impending flu season. The university has distributed flu kits to university department personnel and resident directors in each of the residence halls. The flu kits include thermometers, hand sanitizers, gloves and masks, along with health posters and instructions to guard against exposure and spreading the flu. Posters and hand sanitizers are already stationed around the university common areas.

The university has also set up a special Web page at www.letu.edu/flu with health education information and instructions as well as a survey to enable faculty, staff, and students to report illness to the university nurse, who will monitor any potential outbreaks.

Guidelines encourage students, faculty or staff to pay attention to how they are feeling. Members of the campus community are being made aware of symptoms of the flu, such as sudden fever, cough, sore throat, headaches, body aches, chills, fatigue and in some cases, diarrhea and vomiting.

If students have flu symptoms, they are encouraged to stay home, isolate themselves from others to avoid spreading the flu, report it to the on-campus nurse and seek treatment from a doctor who can test and diagnose the flu. Testing for H1N1 must be done by physicians and submitted to the state; the test is unavailable at LeTourneau University. If students become ill, they may have peers or staff members deliver food from the university's Corner Café to their rooms.

Federal guidelines recommend students remain out of class for at least 24 hours after their last sign of fever once they have stopped medication. LETU plans to conduct classes normally and not to alter the semester unless it becomes necessary. Absentee policies for students who become ill will be addressed with faculty, who are encouraged to be flexible during this semester.

As in the past, regular seasonal flu shots are expected to be available on campus in mid-September from a mobile vaccination station provided by a local pharmacy for $25 per shot. When the Food and Drug Administration approves a vaccine for the H1N1 flu strain and it becomes available to the university, vaccinations will be provided on campus.

Custodial staff have been briefed on the H1N1 concerns and reviewed the importance of careful cleaning processes as a part of prevention. LETU custodial staff members are taking extra precautions such as sanitizing hand railing, lab keyboards and common areas.

Commonsense advice includes always covering nose and mouth with tissues or sleeve when sneezing or coughing and disposing of tissues in the wastebasket immediately. Washing hands with soap and water and using antibacterial hand sanitizers will help stop the flu from spreading.

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