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LETU Professor Publishes New Book


LeTourneau University professor of Biblical Studies Dr. Steven Mason recently published his first book, Eternal Covenant in the Pentateuch: The Contours of an Elusive Phrase. The book is published by T & T Clark International publishers, based in Harrisburg, Penn. According to Mason, the publisher reported that his book has been well-received and is showing great success in sales.
According to Mason, the book is an exegetical, or explanatory, investigation of the Hebrew phrase "berit olam" ("eternal covenant") in the Pentateuch, the name for the first five books of the Old Testament. While referring to God's " eternal covenant" is fairly commonplace in some theological circles, the actual phrase occurs relatively infrequently in the Protestant, Christian canon. It occurs eighteen times in the Old Testament and only once in the New Testament. And yet, for all that has been invested in this phrase and idea in biblical and theological studies, very few scholarly works are devoted to an exegetical appraisal of eternal covenant within the Bible.
The book can be found online by searching the title on www.google.com

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