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LETU to feature NASA Scientist to speak about Creation


LeTourneau University will host NASA-JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) scientist/engineer Dr. Bijan Nemati in a Science Seminar event called "Developing Cosmic Self Esteem: Approaching Our Place in the Universe." Nemati will speak from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 22, in Room 120 of the Education Building at LeTourneau University, 2100 Mobberly Ave. This event is free and open to the public.
Nemati received his doctorate in experimental elementary particle physics from the University of Washington. His research spans the fields of high energy physics, stellar interferometry and high-precision metrology. He is currently the senior engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on NASA's Space Interferometry Mission. His job is to build an interferometer that is sensitive enough to point to other stars, not only to see if there are other plants beyond our solar system, but to see if there are traces of life.
Nemati will talk about the factors of creation and will discuss the questions: Is Earth rare or common? Is there life beyond what we know?
This event is the first of the Spring 2009 Science Seminar schedule. Other events are as follows:
Feb. 12-"Water Quality Here and Abroad: How God Uses a Biologist for His Kingdom" by David Pendergrass, Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research at Tarleton State University.
Feb. 26-"The Gospel Reconciliation and the Neurological Sciences: Science and Ephesians on What it Means to be a Human Being" by Jeph Holloway, professor of theology and ethics at East Texas Baptist University.
March 12-"What Is So Amazing About Advanced Engineering Materials?" by Yoni Adonyi, professor of engineering at LETU.
March 26-"Reflecting on 40 Years of Teaching Chemistry at LETU" by Richard Johnson, LETU professor of chemistry.
April 2-"Statistics of Disease: What are Your Chances?" by Jeannie Thompson, Oklahoma State Health Department.
April 16-"Thyroid Function and Metabolic Rate in Rats" by LETU biology instructor Karen Rispin and students from LETU.
April 23-"Probability and Providence: Free Will and Predestination in the Physical World" by Gary DeBoer, LETU chemistry professor.
All events are on Thursdays at 11 a.m. in Room C101 of the Paul E. Glaske Engineering and Science Building.

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