Alumni Profile: Kimberly Krueger Galindo ('06)

5 Questions with Kimberly Krueger Galindo ('06)

Staff Therapist, Turning Point Rape Crisis Center (Plano, TX)
Therapist, Counseling Center at First Baptist Church (Richardson, TX)
Adjunct Professor, Dallas Baptist University (Dallas, TX)

LeTourneau School of Education

What brought you to LETU?

I was drawn to the rigorous and challenging educational opportunities that LeTourneau offered. The opportunity to receive such an excellent education in a Christ-centered environment provided an incredible setting to pursue my undergraduate degree.

How would you describe your LETU Experience?

My experience at LeTourneau was one that brought growth in many areas of my life. Not only was I able to build an incredible academic foundation, but I also grew in my faith and gained life long relationships. LeTourneau's community experience provided opportunities to grow in all areas of my life.

Did any professors have a significant impact?

All of my professors at LeTourneau provided educational experiences that contributed to my academic growth. The professors in the psychology department diligently helped me build an academic foundation that I continue to glean from today. Dr. Vicki Sheafer challenged, supported, and encouraged me throughout all of my academic experiences. She consistently set an example of academic excellence and never ceased to integrate Christ into the learning experience. Dr. Melanie Roudkovski provided guidance and direction in my career as counselor. She provided classroom experiences that not only challenged me academically but also allowed me to consider and plan for my professional career. Both Drs. Sheafer and Roudkovski set incredible examples as women of faith who also set incredible academic examples.

How has LETU prepared you for your career?

LeTourneau provided both academic and personal experiences that prepared me for my career. I gained classroom and applied experiences that allowed me to confirm my calling in the helping profession. I was able to volunteer and work in settings that allowed me to stand with professors and leaders and gain invaluable experiences. LeTourneau's professors and leaders allowed me to apply my calling while in college by providing opportunities for me to lead, help, and practice my strengths. I left LeTourneau prepared to start a helping career with confidence.

What advice would you give to LETU students?

Take advantage of each and every opportunity to connect with the incredible and invaluable community at LeTourneau. Professors, Student Life leadership, and fellow students provide resources that will not only provide academic success but enhance your personal growth as well. Seek to grow in your faith, academics, and relationships.


"I left LeTourneau prepared to start a helping career with confidence."