Alumni Profile: Isaac Bagley ('03)

5 Questions with Isaac Bagley ('03)

Director of Program Management
Dynamic Aviation (Bridgewater, VA)

LeTourneau School of Aviation & Aeronautical Science

What brought you to LETU?

LETU was one of the only Christian schools that offered an aviation program that allowed one to get both a commercial pilot's license and a A&P mechanic certificate in a 4 year program. Several alumni at my home church spoke highly of LeTourneau. The combination of LETU's strong reputation, alumnae recommendations, and financial aid package made the decision clear.


How would you describe your LETU Experience?

I gained more than academic knowledge during my four years at LeTourneau. Time spent on the Flooder floor resulted in several lifelong friendships, with those same men I spent my college years with now speaking wisdom into my life a decade later. Psalm 133:1, "How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity."


Did any professors have a significant impact?

As a student, it was clear to me that so many of the professors genuinely love their students and want to see them succeed. Mr. Lauren Bitikofer was my faculty advisor, and I appreciated his devotions, his diligence in teaching me the fundamentals of DC electricity, and his continuous pursuit of learning. I also appreciated Mr. Weldon Burnett, the Chief Flight Instructor, for his willingness to share real-world experiences with us, and help us see (as students and instructors) the aviation world outside of the flight training environment.


How has LETU prepared you for your career?

From a technical perspective, LeTourneau provided me with a solid education: both giving me the required knowledge to perform at an entry level role, and the instruction necessary to enable me to continue to learn so that I could perform at a higher level as my career progressed. The reputation of the "product" created by LeTourneau greatly aided me in finding a job after graduation.


What advice would you give to LETU students?

Your experience is what you make of it. Take advantage of the wide variety of opportunities to participate in activities around campus. Be wise; pursue your degree, but don't neglect your relationships. Those friendships you create can last a lifetime. Your college years are a special time, so live in that moment.

"The reputation of the "product" created by LeTourneau greatly aided me in finding a job after graduation."