Alumni Profile: Matthew Maitland ('04)

5 Questions with Matthew Maitland ('04)

Software Engineer
Chiron America Inc. (Charlotte, North Carolina)

LeTourneau School of Engineering, Business & Technology


What brought you to LETU?

I wanted to go to a Christian college that could give me an enriching educational experience that had a strong engineering program. I visited LeTourneau on one of the preview weekends and I was impressed by the students and the program. I felt a strong comfort and sense that this was God's will for my life to be at LeTourneau University.


How would you describe your LETU Experience?

My transition to LeTourneau was a very big step in life; moving far away from home (MI) and I was very nervous. I remember meeting the resident assistant (David Wolff) the first day on arriving at LeTourneau. He was very friendly and made me feel like this could be my home. Dave was a great mentor and friend to me during my years at LETU and helped guide and encourage my spiritual growth. I built a lot of great friendships with my floor (1B). I had a lot of memorable times with my floor playing soccer, bonfires, and chai parties. College was very challenging at times but now I feel a strong confidence in my abilities through struggles. I feel fortunate to have attended LETU and matured personally, spiritually and academically.


Did any professors have a significant impact?

I can remember a lot of great professors that impacted my life at different times through my years at LeTourneau. Dr. Graf taught many of my engineering classes while studying electrical engineering and I always enjoyed his devo's and his crazy ties. Dr. Graf would love to know I still remember that I = C dV/dt because he really made us know those formulas to the point I don't think I could ever forget them. Dr. Woodring's Biblical Foundations class really stimulated an interest in Exegesis that I was not even aware of and the ability to interpret the scriptures accurately. I still have my books "How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth" and "Zondervan Handbook to the Bible" which I reference for preparing Bible studies for my couples' lifegroup. Most of my professors impacted my life in some way throughout my time at LETU.


How has LETU prepared you for your career?

LeTourneau's class experience and hands-on experience was essential to my career success. I believe the classes/labs/team projects gave me a greater ability to think outside of the box than many of my peers in my professional field of study. My managers have always recognized my ability to solve very difficult problems with unique solutions that are robust and reliable. The confidence I gained through my challenges at LETU has really given me an eagerness to take on any problem.


What advice would you give to LETU students?

The advice I would give is to fully engage yourself while you are at LETU. Participate in intramurals (even if you aren't athletic it can be a good team building experience), go on mission trips, be open to meeting new friend and lastly to study study study! No matter how many great opportunities there are to meet new people and be with friends you also need to be focused on your objective to really work hard for God's glory so you can be a great example of a Christian in the workplace (since every opportunity - job or otherwise - is essentially God's mission trip in your life).

"The confidence I gained through my challenges at LETU has really given me an eagerness to take on any problem."