Alumni Profile: Carl Arnold ('06)

5 Questions with Carl Arnold ('06) ('10, MBA)


Vice President for Enrollment Services
LeTourneau University (Longview, Texas)


LeTourneau School of Engineering, Business and Technology

What brought you to LeTourneau?

I came to LeTourneau in 2002 as a transfer student from California. Back then, there weren't too many Christian schools offering Computer Science as a major (and even less that were good at it). I had three requirements for the school I was going to transfer to: (1) It had to be an actual Christian school. (2) It had to have a Computer Science program that was worth something. (3) It had to be out of California. This narrowed down the school possibilities significantly and LeTourneau was the choice. I met LeTourneau at a college fair at my high school and it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. I ended up coming sight unseen and haven't left since.

How would you describe your LETU experience?

My experience was perfect for me. I attended a Christian School my entire life, I was accustomed to smaller classes, individual attention, knowing my teachers and the other benefits of a small Christian school. After graduating high school from that environment, I went to a local state university. I commuted 45 minutes, went to school full time, and worked 60+ hours a week to pay for it (and save up money for LeTourneau). While taking classes at the local university, I realized I liked education and I preferred to be in a smaller environment. I did not enjoy my large lecture classes because I wasn't learning from the professor, I was learning from the book.

Fast forward to moving into LeTourneau. What I found was I fit into LeTourneau's environment like I was meant to be here all along. I had a fantastic res hall experience and took full advantage of just about everything LeTourneau had to offer. All that to get back to the original question: My LeTourneau experience is exactly what I needed to grow into the person I am today.

Did any professors have a significant impact?

I would be remiss if I didn't say Dr. Baas was one of the major influencers in my LETU education experience. He helped me understand Computer Information Systems was a better fit for me. So I changed my major and graduated as a CIS. A field I never knew existed.

How has LETU prepared you for your career?

I love this question. As I look back, it is obvious how God used LeTourneau to prepare me for my career. When I was a student worker for LeTourneau, I was a Tour guide and I ran the Telecounseling center. I have over 500 tours in my 2.5 years as a guide and I called over 15,000 students as a Telecounselor. I started working as an admissions counselor the week after graduation and this heavily involved touring students and calling them on the phone. As a counselor I started writing the coding that would go into the different reports our office would use. I eventually took over all reporting responsibilities and report creation for the admissions office. After a database conversion in 2015, I have now completely rewritten all of the reports our office uses to function. Enrollment management runs on data now, and my CIS degree gave me the ability to go get that data for myself. Hardly a day goes by that I don't use my CIS degree or my LeTourneau MBA ('10).

What advice would you give to LETU students?

Don't chase a major because of money or because someone said you should be one. Go after what God puts in your heart. The thing that makes you tick. Sometimes it takes a while to figure it out, but its worth it. Once you find it, be relentless in pursuit of it.

"My LeTourneau experience is exactly what I needed to grow into the person I am today."

"As I look back it is obvious how God used LeTourneau to prepare me for my career... Hardly a day goes by when I don't use my CIS degree or my LeTourneau MBA."