Request a Transcript

Transcripts are useful for all kinds of information. New employers often require them, as well as graduate programs and other colleges. They provide your grades and your GPA for work at LeTourneau.

In order to request a transcript, a student must fill out and submit the online formalong with the payment of $5.00 per transcript.

The transcript requests are processed in the order they are received, and it usually takes about 3 days for the Office of the Registrar to process them. If there is a financial hold on the student account, a transcript request cannot be submitted. Once the hold is removed, please fill out the online request, and the transcript will be able to be sent.

Official VS. Unofficial Transcript

An official transcript is mailed in a sealed envelope directly to a school, employer, scholarship donor, etc. An unofficial transcript is a faxed transcript, e-mailed transcript, or a transcript sent directly to the student. A transcript sent directly to the student will be on official transcript paper, but will be stamped "Issued to Student" and is considered unofficial by most universities. We require a $5.00 payment per transcript in order to have one sent.

If needed, a transcript can be sent via FedEx. The request must be received by noon for the FedEx to be sent that same day. The cost for sending a transcript overnight is $25.

For frequently asked questions about transcripts, click here.