Staying Connected to LETU

Keeping in touch with LETU

The LeTourneau Alumni Relations team looks forward to staying connected with you tomorrow and in the years to come. We want to know what's happening in your life (the good, bad and in-between), support your career growth and celebrate with you throughout your journey.

Update Your Information
Before you leave campus, please be sure to share your non-student email address with us as well as your mailing address (if you know it yet). You can update your contact information at any time at letu.edu/alumni on the "Tell Us Your News" page.

Attend LETU Events
Homecoming & Family Weekend take place each spring - you know you don't want to miss all the quirky skits and performances that make Hootenanny such a unique and beloved tradition! The alumni office also hosts events throughout the country - if we are in your area, please join us!

Let Us Share Your Success
In each issue of the NOW alumni magazine, our team collects and shares Class Notes. These notes include new jobs, marriages, new children, unique recognitions and more. Please share your Class Notes with us on the Tell Us Your News link or emailing Gail Ritchey at gailritchey@letu.edu directly. We love photos!

Connect with Current Students
Networking with LETU alumni is how many students find out about job opportunities and career tracks. As a graduate, you have a powerful opportunity to mentor a current student and share your insights and experiences. You can share devos and classroom discussions during Homecoming, connect with seniors on the LeTourneau University Alumni group on LinkedIn, share opportunities for internships at your organization with the Career Services team and much more.

Recruit New Students
Share your LeTourneau story with families and youth that you meet! Many LETU students find our campus through word-of-mouth and a good conversation with an alumnus who thinks they would be a good fit. Learn about our admissions work and help grow the LETU family! If you would like to assist by supporting a College Fair in your area or referring students to admissions we welcome your to become part of the LeTourneau Ambassadors Network!

Stay in touch with LETU mentors
Make sure to check in with former faculty and staff who made an impact on your life during your college years! Trust us, they want to know what you're up to and what you're learning and how they can continue to serve you in the years to come!

Giving Back
Did LeTourneau make an impact on your life as a student? Consider giving back to the university in a number of ways throughout the coming years. Financial donations - whatever the amount - help make the financial burden lighter for students that come after you by supporting scholarships and grants.

We also welcome your time and your ideas. Mentor a current student through VineUp, post job opportunities with your organization with the Career Services team, volunteer to serve on a university board or committee, stay connected with your professors and come back to campus to speak with their students. Your time and insight are invaluable!