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I strive to read the Bible in the light of the ancient context from which it arose while being sensitive to appropriating its message in the context from which I read it.

Dr. Cunha

Profile Photo: Wilson de Angelo Cunha, Ph.D.

de Angelo Cunha, Ph.D.

Phone: 903.233.3375

  • Professor of Biblical Studies

  • Past President, Teaching Faculty Organization, 2021-2022

  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal Religions

Dr. Wilson Cunha - Theology Spotlight

Dr. Wilson Cunha, Professor of Biblical Studies in LETU's School of Theology & Vocation, talks participating in God's grand story of redemption as polytechnic professionals.

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2007-2011        Ph.D., Old Testament, Institute for Religious Studies, School of Humanities, Leiden University

2004-2006     Th.M. in Old Testament, Calvin Theological Seminary 

1999-2002       B.Th., José Manoel da Conceição Presbyterian Theological Seminary


Courses Taught

  • HEBR 1113-Elementary Hebrew I
  • HEBR 1123-Elementary Hebrew II
  • BIBL 1043-Biblical Foundations for Living
  • BIBL 1033-Biblical Literature (also online)
  • BIBL 3003-Old Testament Backgrounds
  • BIBL 3043-Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
  • BIBL 3103-Pentateuch (also online)
  • BIBL 3203-Historical Books
  • BIBL 3303-Psalms and Wisdom Literature
  • BIBL 3413-Pre-Exilic Prophets
  • BIBL 3423-Exilic and Post-Exilic Prophets
  • BIBL 3433-Prophetic Books
  • BIBL 4993-Book of Genesis
  • BIBL 3503-Life and Teachings of Christ (online)
  • BIBL3653-Romans (online)
  • BIBL 3623-Paul’s Prison Letters (online)
  • BIBL 4953-ST: Psalms
  • BIBL 4963-ST: Backgrounds to the Old Testament
  • BIBL 4973-ST: Prophets
  • HNRS 3551-Seeing the Bible through Ancient Art: Iconography and the Old Testament


Research Interests

  • Prophetic Literature
  • Psalms and Wisdom Literature
  • Biblical Theology of Creation
  • The Garden of Eden Narrative
  • LXX Isaiah
  • History of Biblical Interpretation and Reception of the Old Testament in all periods



Dr. Cunha has served in the School of Theology since 2011. He grew up in São Paulo, Brasil, where he served as a minister of the Presbyterian Church of Brasil (IPB). After completing his Bachelor of Theology degree, Dr. Cunha pursued a Th.M. in Old Testament studies at Calvin Theological Seminary, in Grand Rapids, MI. There, he met his wife, Katie, where they married before leaving for his Ph.D. at Leiden University, in the Netherlands. They have three children: Matthew, Isabella and Chloe. Among Dr. Cunha’s hobbies are playing fantasy football, reading on history, theology, history of philosophy, and politics, being active in the life of his children, playing board games and entertaining friends, and dreaming of building a pizza brick oven next to his barbecue brick fire pit in his backyard.



  • 2022    Cunha, Wilson de Angelo and Andrew Abernethy. Isaiah and Intertextuality (Forschungen zum Alten Testament, 2. Reihe; Tübingen: Mohr & Siebeck. Under contract).
  • 2021     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo and Christian Brially de Medeiros. “Cor Meum Tibi Offero Domine Prompte et Sincere - O meu Coração a Ti Ofereço, Senhor: Estudos em honra ao Rev. Hermisten M. P. da Costa por sua vida e ministério (Peregrinos, forthcoming).
  •  2021     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. The Book of Isaiah: A Thematic Approach (Pickwick Publications; under contract).
  •  2014     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. LXX Isaiah 24:1-26:6 as Interpretation & Translation: A Methodological Discussion (Society of Biblical Literature Septuagint and Cognate Studies series 62; Atlanta: SBL Press, 2014) (

Articles/Book Chapters

  • 2022    Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. "Isaiah 39 and the Human Trust Motif in First Isaiah." Journal of Biblical Literature. Forthcoming.
  • 2021     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. “Fé e Ciência nos Séculos 16 e 17: Um diálogo entre João Calvino, Johannes Kepler, e Galileo Galilei” in Wilson de Angelo Cunha and Christian Brially de Medeiros, “O meu Coração a Ti Ofereço, Senhor:” Estudos em honra ao Rev. Hermisten M. P. da Costa por sua vida e ministério (Peregrinos, forthcoming)
  • 2020    Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. "Creation, Kingship, and the Defeat of Evil: A Reflection on Psalm 74," Revista de Cultura Teológica 97 (Sept-Dec 2020): 127-145 (
  • 2017     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. “The nāḥāš in the Garden of Eden (Gen 2:4b-3:24): Malevolent or Benevolent?” Revista de Cultura Teológica 89 (January-June 2017): 10-26 (
  • 2013     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. “‘Kingship’ and ‘Kingdom:’ A Discussion of Isaiah 24:21-2; 27:12-13” in Formation and Intertextuality in Isaiah 24-27 (ed. Todd Hibbard and Paul Kim; Ancient Israel and Its Literature 17; Atlanta: SBL, 2013), 61-76.
  • 2013     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. “LXX Isaiah 25:6-8 and the Issue of Coherence” in LXX: XIV Congress of the International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies, Helsinki 2010 (ed. Melvin K. H. Peters; Society of Biblical Literature Septuagint and Cognate Studies 59; Atlanta: SBL, 2013), 277-290.
  • 2009     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. “A Brief Discussion of MT Isaiah 24,14-16,” Biblica 90 (2009), 530-544.

Book Reviews

  • 2021      Review of Jenni Williams, the Kingdom of our God: A Theological Commentary on Isaiah      (London: SCM Press, 2019) in Calvin Theological Journal 56/2 (2021): 384-386
  • 2020     Review of B. Kim, "Lengthen Your Tent-Cords." The Metaphorical World of Israel's Household in the Book of Isaiah (Siphrut, Literature and Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures, 23: University Park, PA: Eisenbrauns, 2018) in Bibliotheca Orientalis LXXVII, 5-6 (september-december, 2020): 639-642. 
  • 2020     Review of J. J. Kwon, Scribal Culture and Intertextuality: Literary and Historical Relationships between Job and Deutero-Isaiah (Forschungen zum Alten Testament, 2. Reihe, vol. 85; Tübingen: Mohr & Siebeck, 2016) in Bibliotheca Orientalis LXXVI N° 5-6 (September-December 2019): 525-529.
  • 2019     Review of Christoph Levin, Das Alte Testament (5th ed.; München: Verlag C. H. Beck, 2018) for the Review of Biblical Literature 09/2019.
  • 2018     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. Review of Ben Witherington III, Isaiah Old and New: Exegesis, Intertextuality, and Hermeneutics (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2017). Review of Biblical Literature 07/2018.
  • 2016     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. Review of William D. Barker, Isaiah’s Kingship Polemic (FAT 2/70; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2014). Bibliotheca Orientalis LXXIII/1-2 (Jan/April 2016): 197-201.
  • 2013     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. Review of Arie C. Leder. Waiting for the Land: The Story Line of the Pentateuch (Phillipsburg: P&R Publishing, 2010). Calvin Theological Journal 48/2 (2013): 332-335.
  • 2013     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. Review of J. Stromberg. An Introduction to the Study of Isaiah (London: T & T Clark, 2011). Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 56/3 (2013): 605-607.
  • 2013     Cunha, Wilson de Angelo. Review of J. Ferry. Isaïe: "Comme les mots d'un livre scellé..." (Paris: Cerf, 2008). Review of Biblical Literature (2013). 


  • 2019     “‘As for the serpent, dust will be its bread:’ Isa 65:25 in conversation with Isa 11:6-9 and Gen 3:14.” SBL Annual Meeting in San Diego. Group: Isaiah
  • 2019     “Creation as Eschatological Hope.” Inaugural Lecture at the School of Theology at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
  • 2019     “The nahash of Gen 3: Benevolent or Malevolent.” Masters and Doctoral Seminar at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
  • 2019     “Discovering the Literary Structure of Biblical Texts.” Seminário Presbiteriano do Sul, Campinas, SP, Brazil.
  • 2017     John Calvin on the Christian Life. Reformation 500 Conference at LeTourneau University.
  • 2015     “Eusebius of Caesarea and the “Drink of Immortality:” The Reception of LXX Isaiah 25 in Eusebius’ Commentary on Isaiah.” SBL Annual Meeting in Atlanta. Group: Greek Bible.
  • 2015     “The naḥaš in the Garden of Eden (Gen 2:4b-3:24): Malevolent or Benevolent?" SBL Annual Meeting in Atlanta.
  • 2014     “Genesis and the Age of the Earth.” Round table debate on the Bill Nye and Ken Ham Origins Debate. LeTourneau University.
  • 2013     “The Foreigner in the Old Testament and Christian Identity.” Keynote speaker at the Students Scholars Conference at LeTourneau University.
  • 2013     “God’s Creation of Adam from “Clay/Soil” (עפר): Does Genesis 2:7 Point to a Particular Model of Creation?” A Dialogue with Dr. Gordon Johnston by occasion of the Theological Symposium at LeTourneau University.
  • 2012     “Between Etiology and Theology: A Discussion of the Garden in Eden Story (Gen 2:4-3:24).” Lecture delivered at the Sciences Seminar at LeTourneau University.
  • 2011     “On Isaiah 27:1, 2-13.” SBL Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Group: Formation of Isaiah.
  • 2010     “LXX Isaiah 25:6-8 and the Issue of Coherence.” The International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies. Helsinki, Finland.
  • 2009     “The Reception of Isaiah 24:14-16 in LXX Isaiah.” SBL Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Group: Formation of Isaiah.
  • 2009     “The Reception of LXX Isaiah 25 in Eusebius of Caesarea’s Commentary on Isaiah.” Von der Septuaginta zum Neuen Testament. Textgeschichtliche Erörterungen, Wuppertal, Germany.