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Josh Howlett

Youth Pastor Work | Woodville Grace Bretheren Church

Hey! Josh Howlett here… I have been out of college for almost three and a half years now and my professors are still giving me assignments. They asked me to share a little about what God has been doing through my current occupation. 

I presently live in Mansfield, OH and am working as a Youth Pastor at Woodville Grace Brethren Church. My main responsibilities are the oversight of Junior and Senior High ministries. Throughout the typical week I spend my time studying, teaching, and planning events for students. I also enjoy going to the public schools to have lunch with the teens. God has used these times to build lasting relationships with the youth and their friends.

The Lord has opened up a field of ministry in the neighborhood surrounding my church where my wife and I live. One day three of the neighborhood boys came looking for me at the church. As I saw them approaching, I filled up a couple of water guns. The unsuspecting guys walked into the church and I unloaded on them. This escalated into a water fight that lasted two hours. After we were all completely soaked, I tried to call it a day and proceeded to close up the building. As I was locking the door, one of the guys asked me "can you tell us about Jesus?" By God's grace, those three guys came to know Jesus that day while they were soaking wet sitting on a sidewalk. Through times like these, God has allowed us to minister to many other families in our neighborhood.

I consider it a privilege and honor to serve as a pastor. I feel like the Biblical studies classes I took at LeTourneau have helped me throughout my ministry. Whether I am teaching on deep topics or sharing the simple message of the gospel, I often remember the example and teachings of my college professors. I am excited about growing in my faith and continuing to share that faith with others. Praise God for the good things He is doing!

Steven Vance 

Study Abroad Experience | Jerusalem University College

A lifelong dream came true when I received a scholarship to study at Jerusalem University College in Israel. I learned more than I could possibly explain in a short paragraph and made many new friends. It was a lot of work but worth every minute!

The scholarship consisted of two separate courses; the first was Historical and Geographical Settings of the Bible while the second was Jesus and His Times. The first covered both the Testaments and the second focused on the New Testament.

We walked between 5 and 10 miles a day. I took 3,000 pictures and lost 13 pounds, but boy did we see Israel! From Dan to Maktesh Ramon, and Tel Aviv to Amman, we covered the Holy Land! We spent three days in Jordan and had the privilege of visiting Petra.

Most of our time was spent out on the Tels and walking the wilderness trails. Most of what Jesus saw and a lot of what the Old Testament characters experienced (geographically) was included in the curriculum.

One thing is for sure; you can read as much as you want and see as many pictures as you want, but NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING substitutes seeing it for yourself. If you get the chance to go to Israel, do not hesitate: GO!!!!

Rachel Tidwell

Children's Ministry Experience | Macedonia Baptist Church

I worked with all the kids, but specifically with the 5th and 6th grade girls in their Sunday School class on Sunday mornings and their small group on Wednesday nights. I also helped to lead worship. 

Focus: I worked with all the kids, but specifically with the 5th and 6th grade girls in their Sunday School class on Sunday mornings and their small group on Wednesday nights. I also helped to lead worship. My main focus was just to build relationships with the kids, 5th and 6th grade girls especially. I even began "hanging out" with some of them outside of church, which was awesome.


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