Carly Robinson - Language Arts & Social Studies - 4th-8th Grade

"LeTourneau has been informative, unquestionably, but also incredibly formative. My most important experiences here have shaped not simply what I have learned, but who I have become... More than any final exam, the real test of what I have gained here will be how I can impact others for the glory of Christ."


Jake Gebhardt - English Language/Arts Education

"My experience so far has been excellent. I originally changed my major from computer engineering to English/language arts education. I was a bit hesitant at first, unsure as to how good an engineering college would be at providing education degrees, but I was amazed with what I got. I certainly feel prepared for teaching.

I am currently in my junior year and have been through three of my four practicums. While these have been primarily observation oriented, I have learned a lot. I feel prepared to begin student teaching.

I would recommend a major in education to a prospective student at LETU simply because of the high quality of professors we have.

The professors are high quality, the courses are relevant, and the in-classroom experience is incredibly helpful. The department prepares me for the future by providing me with the most up-to-date knowledge and research related to teaching. They also provide real-life experiences in lab settings and out in the field.

I look forward to begin student teaching, confident in what I have been taught."


Anna Ross - English Language/Arts Education

"I am deeply grateful for the thorough classroom training and pre-service experience I had at LeTourneau. Again and again, I have thanked God for much-loved professors who prepared me by setting high expectations, providing personalized feedback, and equipping me with the very best of both cutting-edge and time-tested instructional strategies.

"My professors implemented the methodologies they promoted, teaching techniques from life as well as from lecture. They also modeled the character traits of successful teachers: passion, respect, care, dedication, and-not to be neglected-a terrific sense of humor! I have long appreciated the investment the education department has contributed not only to my professional skills but also to my spiritual growth.

"Now that I am employed as a full-time high school teacher, I frequently reflect upon my education classes at LeTourneau and 'hear' my professors' voices in my head. 'Keep them moving!' says Dr. Emberton. 'Stick with your objectives!' says Dr. Ames. 'Read aloud!' says Mrs. Stephens. I continue to learn from them."


Michele Mercer - Interdisciplinary Studies, Early Child Education-6TH Grade, Generalist

 "Two things I love about the education department are the small class sizes which helped me develop close relationships with other elementary education majors, and the hands-on aspect of the program which has prepared me to teach.

"I feel prepared to go out into the classroom as a teacher because, from my first year at LeTourneau, I was out in the field getting experience working with students and observing good teachers at work.

"One of the many highlights from my experience here at LeTourneau was the summer education department trip to Alaska. The trip was a very practical application as we worked with several Alaskan schools."


Ashley Radak - Interdisciplinary Studies

"I have learned what makes kids want to learn. I have been given multiple opportunities to refine my teaching abilities and tools to help start my own classroom after I graduate. In our Creative Expressions class, we learn the benefits of finger painting for kindergartners and pre-schoolers. (It helps with fine motor skills.)

"I will cherish my time at LETU. I know I will always have a resource in my professors. I can always call if I need another mind to brainstorm with!"


Emily Branch - Interdisciplinary Studies, Early Child Education-6TH Grade Certification

"Now teaching preschool, I remember strategies my LETU professors gave me for different circumstances. They gave me projects I am now using in my classroom-they were practical assignments.

"They were supportive during my student teaching and gave me a hands-on, realistic experience. They involved us in volunteering for after school programs and let us participate in education conferences held on LETU's campus. Not only were we presenting at the conferences, we help plan them. That's something you can put on your résumé!

"My profs spend a lot of time helping me with my résumé and gave me interviewing tips. They brought people in from the school districts to do mock interviews to prepare us for our real interviews.

"Overall, my education classes prepared me in every area. They pretty much thought of everything."