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Email: JimmyPage@letu.edu

  • Instructor, Flight Science

Began working at LETU in 2015



I graduated from LeTourneau in 1999 and started flight instructing for the university that year. I instructed for 2.5 years. I was hired with Continental Express Airlines (now a part of ExpressJet) in 2001. After 9/11 I was laid-off and returned to LETU to teach for another year. In 2003 I was hired to fly for Skywest Airlines and I moved to Utah for that position. In Utah I met my amazing wife and we were married in 2007. Around that time I also upgraded to Captain on the CRJ at Skywest. I have two amazing little guys: Wilson, 6 and Stephen, 1.

My wife and I are both west-coasters. She's from Southern California and I grew up in Southern Oregon. Utah was a great place for us, with plenty of outdoorsy stuff to do and great people to get to know. Our careers were intense and mine, in particular, didn't seem to bring joy commensurate with the time and effort required. Still, it seemed God had us both right where he wanted us. That is, until just about a year ago.

I never imagined I would be back at LeTourneau University. It never crossed my RADAR that teaching was where I belonged. God is faithful to lead, and when I started to entertain the idea of returning to LeTourneau it became very apparent this was His next step for me. I am extremely excited to be here. I feel I have finally found my calling in life. While I enjoyed flying for the airline, it never felt like a passion. I know a job will not always generate passion, but I believe a vocation should be something that fits and flying for the airline didn't seem to fit.

I am loving the classroom and the students here at LeTourneau. I look forward to many years of passionately seeking the best ways to come alongside God and help these students learn, grow, and mature. While I have well over 10,000 hours of time logged in airplanes, 8,000 hours flying jets for the airlines, and countless hours spent leading a crew as captain (with varying degrees of success as my fellow crewmembers can attest!), I really love the fact that my students continue to challenge me in ways I never expected. No amount of experience can end the learning process. I have always been committed to learning for life…and here at LeTourneau…with these incredible colleagues and students…I have found a home. It's a huge blessing…and I am extremely thankful for God's provision to bring me here.


  • AERF 1113 Flight Science 1
  • AERO 4133 Crew Resource Management
  • AERO 3213 Electronic Navigation & Flight Control Systems


  • Bachelor of Science, Aviation Technology w/Flight Minor, LeTourneau University 1999


2007 - 2015


Skywest Airlines

2003 - 2007

First Officer

Skywest Airlines

2002 - 2003

Check Instructor

LeTourneau University

2001 - 2002

First Officer

Continental Express Airlines

1999 - 2001

Flight Instructor

LeTourneau University