Parent Orientation FAQ

Can Parents and Siblings come to Orientation too?

Absolutely! We love it when families come. Parents are invited to take part in all of our Orientation activities on Thursday and Friday, and the first half of Saturday. Most of the time you will be with your student, but there are a few special breakout sessions just for new students.

But don't worry; we've got a little bit of special programming just for parents too. Many parents aren't able to stay all the way through Saturday, so just come to what you can be here for. We'll be excited to have you.

If I don't come, will my student be the only one without a parent?

Not at all. LeTourneau draws students from all across the world. Many parents live in distant parts of the country or overseas, and can't make it to Orientation. We also know that Thursday and Friday are work-days for most people and sometimes orientation just doesn't fit into the schedule. It's ok.

Some students bring two parents, some bring none, some bring a whole family with matching T-shirts. Whatever works best for you is what works best for us. Just let us know you are coming and we will be ready for you.

How do I let you know I'm coming? Do I have to register?

You register for NSO at the same time that you fill out your new student checklist and register for classes.

Where do I go when I get to campus? When can my student move into his/her room?

The very first place you are going to want to go is The Belcher Center (just follow the signs). We've set up a huge reception for you including everything you need to officially "check-in" to LeTourneau. That's where you will get your room key (and some other good stuff) and from there you will be able to move into your room!

Check-in starts at:

  • 9:00 am if your last name starts with A-K
  • 12:30 pm if your last name starts with L-Z

What does it cost for parents to attend Orientation?

There is no orientation fee for parents or siblings! Enjoying the weekend activities is absolutely free! However, the residence halls will be full of new and returning students, so families will have to arrange for their own accommodations off campus. There are several hotels in Longview, so it's never a problem.

Parents and siblings will also be expected to provide their own meals. All meals will be available for purchase on campus at the Corner Cafe. Many families also take this time as an opportunity to explore Longview and see what other options our city has to offer. New Students stay on campus (unless they are commuters) and their lodging and meals are covered by their orientation fee.

Welcome Dinner

Most everyone attends our first dinner together in the Corner Cafe. Because there are so many guests on campus, we split dinner up into two shifts. 4:30-5:30 and 5:30-6:30. Students get their free ticket at the Check-in Line first thing once they arrive on campus. Parents and siblings can also purchase tickets at the check-in line for $9.00.

What will we be doing?

You can check out the full schedule right here

My son/daughter already came to the SWARM. Should we still come to Orientation?

Yup! We offer a whole lot more at Orientation than we do at SWARM. PLUS this is the first time that all the other students and families will be here too, and it's a whole different feel than summer orientation. We expect all students to come to New Student Orientation.

Where does a parent go for more information?

Glad you asked! The office of alumni and parent relations has a website with lots of great information.

Have more question? Contact:

Steve Conn
Director, Student Programs & Orientation

(903) 233-4431


Jamie DeYoung
Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

(903) 233-3841