Daniel VanValkenburg

RD: Quad Houses, Village Apartments, & Societies

I spent much of my early childhood an hour from civilization in the mountains of northern California. In my early years, we lived in a 100-year-old cabin, which measured about 8' by 20'. My mom slept on a cot, and we had a wood stove to keep warm. We were very poor for American standards, but through the years I experienced incredible providence as we moved all over the U.S. and eventually into a comfortable home in Bay City, Texas.

I love spending off-time seeking outdoor adventure. Some of my favorite excursions include climbing a volcano in Guatemala to witness volatile lava, canopying in a jungle, rappelling, spelunking, tubing through caves, snorkeling, sky diving, sand dune surfing... and there's nothing like the simplicity of hiking. To date, I've logged over 500 sailing hours on the ocean. During summer breaks, I've made a habit of taking students and alumni to the Bahamas where I captain a sailboat that we live on by ourselves for one week. We spear fish, eat raw conch, snorkel, and explore uninhabited islands with secluded white sand beaches.

I've been leading worship for over 10 years. I have a bachelor's degree in biblical studies from LeTourneau, three years experience working in Student Activities, and I have been a Resident Director at LeTourneau since 2009. Two of those years were also paired with chapel ministry. My leadership is currently influenced by the drama of Scripture, church history, NT Wright, and the gift of formative habits. Looking back to the resurrection of Jesus as the beginning of new creation, and forward to the return of Jesus and the renewal of all things, I am committed to working for the flourishing of His people and all of creation around me. I believe firmly that we will all see the fruit of our labors in the renewed earth no matter what our vocation, and I cannot wait for the day that we will bask in it all at the great feast.