Aaron Powell

RD: Thomas Hall, Mabee Hall

I’m the old man of the group. Hailing from the inner city of Detroit, MI, my faith filled parents managed to provide fully for me in a blue collar neighborhood that became progressively filled with violence as I grew older. While all of my friends in the neighborhood went to the local public schools, my parents made the sacrifices to keep my brother and I in private, usually Christian, schools. Eventually I went on to play a couple years of college basketball before marrying my beautiful wife who at the time was one of the top basketball players in the country. Our life’s journey has provided me with the comfort level and empathy to be able to enjoy the best of both homogenous and diverse environments.

I am passionate about seeing young people grow in all aspects of life with Christ at the center. I am also passionate for Christians finishing their journey well and believe that one should keep this as their focus as early in life as possible. Additionally, having spent time as a personal trainer, and being a former athlete, I thoroughly enjoy all things sports performance and powerlifting. Our bodies being the temple of the Holy Spirit, we should strive to care for them properly so that we might stay ready to do the work that God has called us to do while we are here.

I am so honored and privileged to answer the call of Christ in loving, serving, and protecting all of those who reside in Thomas Hall & Family Married Student Housing, as well as all of the LETU family. I look forward to growing with all of residents and contributing strongly to joyous life giving experiences that will leave us all with great memories and strengthened foundations as Christ leads us to fulfill our destinies in Him.