Living Well with Roommates

Our alumni continue to share with us just how much God has blessed them through the relationships they developed during their time here. And while it would be typical for you to build relationships with students all over campus, there is no doubt that how you interact with your roommate will significantly impact your entire LETU experience. The best part: as you get to know your roommate, you will also be getting to know yourself in a whole new way.

Whether you were prayerfully assigned a roommate, or you chose your best friend for the past ten years, the best relationships with roommates don't just happen; they require a significant investment on your part. In fact, experience tells us that roommates who chose each other often struggle more than roommates placed together by our residence life team.

The bottom line is this: good roommate relationships take work and patience. They take good communication, maturity, compromise, and both quality and quantity time. The following information has been prepared to help you and your roommate get pointed in the right direction.

How are the roommates assigned?

Roommates are assigned in a prayerful and artful process undertaken by the Resident Directors. Here's the process, step-by-step:

  • Once the tuition deposit and housing fee are paid, and once the housing application is submitted, the date is recorded and your name on the chronological list is reserved.
  • A few times through the summer, beginning a few days after the Spring semester ends, the RDs and the Director of Community life get together with all the forms. Going through the list of applicants, they sort them chronologically first; then, they look at each person's preference, placing them in their first preference until the empty spots in that hall have been accounted for. Then, once a hall "closes," and we come across a person with that hall listed as their preference, we place them in the hall of their second preference, working on down.
  • Then, among all the new applicants for the hall, we begin prayerfully and skillfully matching students based on their preferences. For some, it's based on their interests; others want to be with people in the same major, so we try to make that happen and then within that subgroup, we try to match within a variety of categories (favorite music, room temperature, desire to be friends, etc.). Still others request each other, and those are always granted. In that situation, if the date by which we're housing the two students is markedly different (one applies in January, the other in July), we use the later date for both students, and they will be housed together in a residence hall according to that date. That is why someone wanting to live in Davis Hall who applies early, and someone wanting to live in Thomas Hall but applies late summer will most likely be housed in neither of those locations.

As you can imagine, this is an incredible complex "puzzle" that we initiate that first day and then continue all summer long. Hopefully, you can see from these details why your first preference isn't always available, how we chose your roommate, etc. Know this, however, that we believe God is a part of this process as much as He was in bringing you to LeTourneau, and we know that He can use this process to draw you closer to Him-however it turns out. We're thrilled to be a part of the a housing process that can put you in contact with someone that could be your best friend for the rest of your life!