Frequently Asked Questions

Does LETU have a residency requirement?

What size bedding do I need?

How can I contact my roommate?

What is my new address?

Is there room to bring my drums/bicycle/favorite chair?

Where can I keep my bicycle?

What sort of things should I bring to fill my room?

Can I build a loft or shelving in my room?

Can I burn candles/incense?

Do I need to bring a shower curtain?

What size refrigerator can I have in my room?

What kind of appliances can I have in my room?

Can I have pets?

How can I hang posters and other things on the walls?

Are the residence halls locked at night?

What should I know about television service?

What should I know about phone service?

What type of data hook-ups are provided?

Can I use file sharing programs at LETU?

What are the requirements for living in the Village Apartments?

Are there laundry facilities on campus?

What is the laundromat cost?

*For more information about specific policies, please consult the LeTourneau University Student Handbook or e-mail Residence Life .