Characteristics of a Christian Leader

Learning, Faith and Leadership

The LeTourneau University faculty and staff strive to develop qualities of leadership in every student, empowering our young men and women as they seek to fill roles in their homes, schools, churches, workplaces and communities throughout the world. We have identified the following "Ten Characteristics of leaders," and are committed to strengthening them across our entire university.

  1. Idealistic Visionaries
    Leaders create an atmosphere of inspiration and hope that breathes life into others and motivates them to pursue a beneficial goal that was once thought to be unattainable.
  2. Competent Communicators
    Leaders communicate in order to lead more effectively. They have worked to develop communicating skills and value these skills as motivators, stimulating growth in others; as apologists, defending truth; and as emissaries, calling for societal change.
  3. Critical Thinkers
    Leaders who are critical thinkers understand the need to process, analyze, synthesize and conceptualize information in light of principled morality prior to taking action or formalizing beliefs.
  4. Responsible Stewards
    Responsible stewards recognize the need to utilize all aspects of creation properly. Financial, intellectual, physical, and emotional resources should be developed and used in a way they were designed to be used.
  5. Social Humanitarians
    Leaders are civic-minded and are not only aware of the issues that are pertinent to people in their communities, but possess empathy for others and are actively seeking ways to meet others' specific needs
  6. Reflective Practitioners
    Reflecting on their own strengths and weaknesses, a leader will utilize all available resources to achieve the goal at hand and invest themselves in challenging, difficult, and meaningful work.
  7. Creative Entrepreneurs
    A leader is not afraid to take risks and is willing to involve him/herself in endeavors that have the potential for both success and failure. Failure, within a supportive environment, although painful, offers tremendous opportunities for growth and development and should not be viewed as terminal.
  8. Spiritual Disciples
    Christian leaders are committed, above all, to God. This consistent commitment is integrated into all areas and aspects of a leader's life.
  9. Lifelong Learners
    Leaders are people who understand that the pursuit of knowledge and understanding is a lifelong quest. They attempt to continually seek and learn and understand the issues and ideas that permeate our world.
  10. Ethical Standard-Bearers
    A leader's beliefs and actions are born out of an ethical standard that considers others' needs above his or her own. Even in the face of tremendous pressure and personal adversity, a leader will act with honesty and integrity.