LeTourneau Singers


LeTourneau Singers MUSC 2201, 1-hour credit (view syllabus)
T/Th 7:00-8:30 PM EDUC 117
Director: Dr. Jim Taylor

Why is it that singers always exit a choir rehearsal feeling better than when they walked in? Maybe it's because when you're singing for an hour and a half, you are just thinking about the music. Your responsibilities and deadlines have been forgotten, you are among friends, and you have been working on trying to make some beautiful music, that's all. And it is especially refreshing when you have been studying tough technical or scientific problems for the rest of your day. Singing involves using your body; you are listening and contributing, working together with others in an atmosphere of humor and camaraderie. You're growing musically, and singing to the Lord for his glory. Awesome!

For an extra blast of inspiration, see this 3 ½ YouTube from composer John Rutter discussing the importance of choir.

  • The LeTourneau Singers is an arts-based chorus singing a wide array of musical styles including classics of Handel and Mozart, folk song arrangements, anthems, madrigals, motets, jazz, contemporary works, premieres, gospel, and more.
  • The emphasis is excellence. If it doesn't sound good, then let's all go home. We are one of many great university choruses around the country seeking to make truly beautiful music. And let's have fun doing it!
  • Members need to be able to sing solidly in tune and carry a choral part amid harmony. Though experience in choral singing is a strong asset, it is quite possible for someone with a bright mind and good natural voice to pick it up. Sight-reading skills are not a requirement, and members will grow through experience.
  • For more specifics, see the course syllabus here.
  • Contact Dr. Taylor for an audition at jimtaylor@letu.edu or (903) 233-3379.