Music and Art Appreciation

Music Appreciation MUSC1303 (view syllabus) is a 3-hour elective course that will fill your gaps in your knowledge of music. How did our music evolve to what it is today? What were Mozart and Beethoven really like? What was the music of the early church, and when was the piano invented? What is the difference between a concerto and a symphony? The course will end with a survey of the history of blues and jazz, musical theater, and rock 'n' roll.

In addition to broadening the student's experience of music, this survey course will strengthen one's grasp of the major periods of art, literature, philosophy, etc., which builds a framework for placing events in history. Music Appreciation is enthusiastically taught by Dr. Taylor on MWF from 1:55-2:50 in Heath-Hardwick 105.

Introduction to Fine Arts HUMA1153 is a three-hour course taught by Dr. Lesley-Anne Williams. Students will encounter the finest examples of the arts through the ages and examine the significance of art and its relationship to life, the Church, the Christian, and to the Christian's vocation.