Check List for Proofreading Your Résumé

Résumé Checklist

These tips provide a check list you can use to quickly proofread your résumé .

Checklist for Proofreading Your Résumé

  • Look for mistakes. There is nothing worse than for your first impression to someone to be full of mistakes. Such mistakes can include:
    • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.
    • Stating the salary you are seeking.
    • Overloading your résumé to include EVERYTHING you EVER did.
    • Long sentences and/or paragraphs over twelve words per sentence and six lines per paragraph.
    • Being overly shy and failing to list your best attributes.
    • Failing to stress results.

  • And now, recheck!
    • Review your résumé again.
    • Focus on finding and fixing any spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

  • Questions to ask:
    • Are statements clear and concise?
    • Unnecessary words?
    • Did I include what should be excluded?
    • Easy to follow?
    • Accomplishments showcased?