Fire Reporting and Safety Information

Policy for Titles of Persons for Fire Reporting (post-incident):

In accordance with Federal law, LeTourneau University is required to annually disclose statistical data on all fires that occur in on-campus student housing facilities. Below are the non-emergency numbers to call in order to report fires that have already been extinguished in an on-campus student housing building. If you find evidence of a fire having caused any damage whatsoever or if you become aware that such a fire has existed and do not know for certain that the University Police Department is already aware, please call and leave information at the following number(s):

LeTourneau University Police Department: 903-233-4444
LeTourneau University Facilities Services: 903-233-3560
LeTourneau University Student Life: 903-233-4400

When calling, please provide as much information as possible concerning the location, date, time and cause of the fire.