TI-89 Calculator Tutorials


Order of Operations [pdf]
Graphing [video] [pdf]
Setting the Viewing Window [video] [pdf]
Solving Linear Equations [video] [pdf]
Solving Linear Inequalities [video] [pdf]
Solving Three-Part Inequalities [video] [pdf]
Solving Absolute Value Inequalities [video] [pdf]
Finding X and Y Intercepts [video] [pdf]
Creating Tables [video] [pdf]
Finding the Line of Best Fit [video] [pdf]
Solving Systems of Equations Using Matrices [video] [pdf]
Finding the Local Maxima and Minima [video] [pdf]
Using the Numeric Solver [video] [pdf]
Evaluating Functions [video] [pdf]
Graphing Piecewise Defined Functions [video] [pdf]
Creating a Scatter Diagram [video] [pdf]
Using Solve and cSolve [video] [pdf]
Finding Composition of Functions [video] [pdf]
Statistical Calculations [video] [pdf]

Video and PDF tutorials created by the Academic Support Center at Montana State University Billings and used by permission.