Athletic Support

Academic Support for Student Athletes


As a NCAA Division III university, we encourage student-athletes to pursue the full spectrum of opportunities available during their time at LETU. We support student-athletes taking responsibility for their own academic success, following their interests and passions, and finding their potential through a comprehensive educational experience.

Student-athletes are part of the LETU campus community and are treated like all other members of the general student body, which means we help them stay focused on being a student first. Athletics provide valuable "life lessons," which often translates into becoming a better student and a responsible citizen. Student-athletes:

  • Are subject to admission and academic performance standards consistent with the general student body.

  • Are not provided any special services or support from the institution than what is offered to other students or student groups.

The Achievement Center exists to promote student success by providing academic resources for students at no additional cost. The center offers a number of services for all undergraduate students who would like to improve their learning skills and academic success.

Students should not expect a one-on-one tutor to address each academic challenge. Students should feel comfortable fully engaging in the variety of support programs that are available to them. These programs have been tested over the years and have been proven to support academic success. Students can drop by the center and our staff will direct them to the right resource to meet their needs.

Study Hall for Athletes

The Achievement Center provides an environment conducive to studying for all students. The center includes a computer lab, printer, wireless access and a study area.

Student-athletes may be required to complete 4 hours of study hall each week at the Achievement Center or designated team study hall. Study hours are required for all incoming freshman, transfer students, and returning student-athletes with the minimum GPA determined by the head coach.

Student-athletes will be notified by their coach if they are required to complete study hours, and they will be expected to do so until their academic status changes. All coaches have access to weekly study hall attendance data.

Questions? Contact:

Questions concerning academic support?

Vernessa Gentry

Vernessa Gentry

Director for
Student Achievement

(903) 233-4471

Students can access tutortrac.letu.edu for times and locations for our various academic support programs

Questions about Athletics Study Hall?

Please contact the Solheim Recreation Center at:

(903) 233-3762

or contact your coach

The Achievement Center is located in the
Allen Family Student Center