Academic Intervention and Mentoring (AIM) Program

What is the AIM Program?

The Academic Intervention and Mentoring (AIM) program helps ensure a solid beginning to targeted students' academic careers by providing additional personal and academic support during their first year at LeTourneau University. AIM students have been admitted conditionally to the university based on their SAT/ACT scores and/or high school grade point averages.

All students admitted to the AIM program are required to sign a contract that details certain expectations such as the following:

  • As an AIM student, I may take a maximum of 14 credit hours during the first semester at LeTourneau University.
    • Academic guidelines have been specifically considered to help AIM students select the appropriate courses. These academic guidelines will be presented during orientation. Orientation information will be sent by mail prior to the start of school
  • As part of the AIM program, I will enter as an undeclared major. During my first year, I will work with the Director for Student Achievement to develop an academic success plan.
    • The Achievement Center staff is committed to guiding you through this process during your first semester. AIM students declare an intended major after fulfilling the requirements of the academic success plan.
  • While I am an AIM student, I will evaluate any co-curricular activities with the Achievement Center Director before I agree to participate.
    • Once a student has completed AIM and is successful academically, LeTourneau has much to offer in and out of the classroom -- clubs, co-ops, mission trips and much more.
  • I will meet weekly during the fall semester with an assigned study skills coach within the Achievement Center.
    • The Achievement Center staff is committed to meet weekly with you during the fall semester to help you with any academic difficulties. Additional information about scheduling these study skills appointments will be discussed during orientation.
  • I will regularly attend classes for all of the courses that I am taking. As an AIM student, I understand that I cannot have more than two unexcused absences for any course.
    • We desire to hold you accountable in this area because we know this accountability will bring you success. No more than two unexcused absences from any course will keep you on track. To learn more about unexcused absences see the attendance policy in the student handbook. AIM students need to be aware that Cornerstones attendance is monitored differently from other courses. The Cornerstones grade will be reduced one full letter grade for each unexcused absence in Cornerstones.
  • I will have a GPA of at least 2.00 at the conclusion of the fall semester.
    • The Admissions and Standards Committee may review the records of any student who has earned fewer than 20 hours and has a cumulative GPA below 1.20. A student in this situation may be suspended for failure to make satisfactory progress.


AIM Program Orientation

Questions? Contact:

Vernessa Gentry

Vernessa Gentry

Director for
Student Achievement

(903) 233-4471