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CAEL1003 is offered 6 times a year in a 10-week online format. Students will have dedicated time during the course to work on their learning portfolios, and have the capability to earn 12 semester hours in this 10-week time frame with successful portfolio submissions. Please note this course is capped at 12 students and fills up quickly.

CAEL1003 Prior Learning Assessment Theory and Practice

Course Description:
Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: identify areas of their own learning from numerous settings such as training, work, community volunteering, and self-study; describe learning from experience, reflect on the learning, and synthesize ideas and the ideas of others; build a deep understanding of lifelong learning; discuss and apply experiential learning theory, models, and concepts; apply critical reflection to consider the nature and value of learning from experience; demonstrate an appropriate balance of practical and theoretical understanding; prepare learning narratives that demonstrate learning comparable to college level courses; identify research, gather, organize, and write documentation that supports learning in order to build a learning portfolio.