Available Services and Pricing

The LeTourneau University Printshop


Photocopying -

- High Volume black and white copying printer
- Color Copying
- Booklets - folded and stapled
- Print on letter, legal, or tabloid sizes
- Color Paper Available
- Two sided, collating, staple, 3-hole punch
- NCR forms - 2-part and 3-part
- Card Stock
- Glossy Paper

Saddle Stitch Booklets - Booklets up to 20 pages folded and stapled in the middle.

Comb Binding - Available for up to 330 sheets.

Pro Click Binding - Available for up to 85 pages.

Cutting - Our paper cutter provides precise cutting to any size over ¼ inch and under 18 inches.

Folding - Paper up to 11 X 17. Can be folded in half, tri-folded, or set to meet your needs. Originals must be a standard size.

Padding - Make your own forms and note pads - great way to use scrap paper for internal note pads!

Shrink Wrapping - Great for packaging your printed material. Also preserve the quality and shelf life of your prints.

Laminating - Protects your documents. Available for documents up to 22 inches wide.

3-hole punch - We can now punch holes in your original document up to 300 pages.

Business Cards - Have your business cards made here for significant savings to your department.

Layout and Typesetting - Computer layout and design requiring no artwork can now be accomplished in the printshop for a nominal fee. Contact Dena for more information.

Personal Printing can be done at the Print Shop for a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. Check out and compare our prices for wedding invitations, flyers, laminating and more!


Department Charges 3rd Party Charges
B & W Paper Copies .03 each side .05 each side
B & W Copies on Pastel Paper .04 each side .06 each side
B & W Copies on Bright Paper .05 each side .06 each side
B & W Copies on White Card Stock .06 each side .07 each side
B & W Copies on Colored Card Stock .07 each side .08 each side
NCR Paper Copies .09 each sheet .10 each sheet
Color Copies on 24lb paper .20 each side .30 each side
11 x 17 B & W Copies .06 each side .10 each side
11 x 17 Color Copies .40 each side .50 each side
There will be a paper upgrade charge of .02 for color copies on light card stock.
Post card card stock (any postcards being mailed) - upgrade charge of .10 per sheet
Glossy Paper upgrade charge - .03 per sheet of 8 ½ x 11
.07 per sheet of 8 ½ x 14
.07 per sheet of 11 x 17
11 x 17 Card Stock upgrade charge .10 per sheet
University Letterhead .10 per sheet
Business Cards (color) $14.00 for 100
$20.00 for 250
$30.00 for 500

Department & 3rd Party Charges
Cutting .45 per cut (100 sheet maximum per cut)
Folding .45 per 100 folded by machine
By hand $15 per hour, $8 for half hour. (minimum charge)
Pads .45 per pad
Laminating .80 per foot (length wise)
3 hole punch (your original) .35 per 200 sheets punched
Shrink Wrap .30 each bundle or pack
Layout and Typesetting $15 per hour, $8 for half hour. $4 for 15 minutes. (minimum charge)
There will be a labor charge of $15 per hour, ($8 per half hour) added to any job that requires hand collating, stapling, etc.

Binding (Includes combs and labor)
Size Maximum Capacity Charge Each (Dept) Charge Each (3rd Party) Binding
1/4" 20 pages 45 cents 50 cents
5/16" 40 pages 50 cents 55 cents
3/8" 55 pages 55 cents 60 cents
1/2" 90 pages 60 cents 65 cents
3/4" 150 pages 85 cents 90 cents
1" 220 pages $1.10 $1.35
1 1/2" 330 pages $1.50 $1.60

Pro Click Binding Pro Click Binding
Size Maximum Capacity Charge Each
Small 45 Pages 90 cents
Large 100 Pages 90 cents
Staples for Campus Copiers $65-$90 a box, depending on model (15,000 staples per box)

Copier Toner is included in your copier maintenance contract and therefore is not an additional charge. However staples are charged to your operating budget. Normal paper stock/supply should be ordered directly by someone in your copier area.

All prices are subject to change due to supply cost changes.