Secure Printing

The LeTourneau University Printshop

To print using the secure print feature:

This feature allows you to send a confidential print job to the copier without it printing until you are standing at the copier. This will prevent others who may be around the copier from seeing confidential items.

  1. Go to File - Select Print - Select your copier from the drop-down menu
  2. Click on the Properties button
  3. Over to the right is a drop-down menu for Output Method
  4. Click on the down arrow and select Secured Print
  5. A box will pop-up telling you the output method has been changed and you will need to enter a name and password. Click okay.
  6. Select all your other preferences for the print job and press okay.
  7. This takes you back to the main print page where you input the number of copies needed. Press okay again
  8. This will take you to the confirm password dialog box
  9. Enter a numerical password of your choice in the password box. This will be used at the copier to allow the document to print. Press okay.
  10. The computer will prompt you for your copier ID.
  11. Input your copier ID and press okay
  12. The copier will not print your job until you go to the copier and enter your password

To tell the copier to print your secure job.

  1. Go to the copier and press the system monitor button on the bottom right of the display where you normally input your copier ID number
  2. The Print Status box will appear
  3. If you do not see this box , select the Print button
  4. In this box will be your job. It will have your name and say "waiting to print".
  5. Select your job by touching that line on the display
  6. Then press secured print on the bottom of the display
  7. The copier will prompt you for the password you created
  8. The copier will now print your job.
  9. Press 'Done' so others can copy and so you are logged out.