Digital Image Library

LeTourneau University Digital Image Library

The Digital Image Library is a Web-based collection of digital resources documenting LeTourneau University. Most of the material in this library has been shot by members of the LETU University Marketing & Communications department. These materials are available for use by LeTourneau University faculty and staff utilizing their existing LetNet login credentials to enter the Digital Image Library. Please take note that if a photograph is credited to a photographer in its details, when appropriate that photographer should be credited in print materials.

Outside Vendors

Any user outside of LETU Faculty and Staff will need to apply for a vendor login. The login for vendors will be granted for limited time periods based on project needs. Vendors will need to request the use of images prior to use in the same manner as faculty and staff. This process is easy and fast within the system, but protects the university's overall brand identity by guaranteeing that the images and graphics used are consistent regardless of who is producing the publication that they will be used in.

A Dynamic Library

Please note that this library is growing on a weekly basis. It currently contains approximately 32,000 resources in it. This represents about a quarter of the university's image collection that resides in the University Marketing & Communications department. We are uploading images into this new library working from most recent material to the oldest material. If you do not find what you are looking for, it may simply not exist in the library yet. Or it may not exist at all. When searching for resources, attempt to think in general terms instead of extremely specific search criteria. For instance, if you are looking for an image to represent microbiology, it is unlikely that we have images tagged to that level of specificity. We would recommend searching for "biology" and digging through that larger collection to find your more specific image.

Training Materials

The following links include training videos on how to access and use the Digital Image Library. More in-depth tutorials will be available over the coming months. As we continue to add to this collection, we will be creating Public Collections and Themes to help users find the most requested images. Watch for these features in the months to come.