Micro-Sites & Domain Policies

Micro-sites & Outsourcing

If a university department wishes to outsource Web development or hosting, either as a part of or separate from the main LeTourneau University Web site, he or she must consult with University Marketing & Communications before contracting due to concerns for security, data integrity, consistency and support requirements.

Domain Name Policies

So that the university will be purposeful and not fragmented in its approach to a Web presence, the acquisition of domain names requires approval. Because LeTourneau University wants to be intentional in all of its representations on the Web, it is important that university faculty and staff follow an approval process.

Submit any requests, along with an explanation of the purpose, for acquisition of new top-level Internet domains (TLDs) in connection with the University to the University Marketing Team, who is also responsible for ensuring that any proposed TLD is consistent with all relevant LETU standards and conventions, as well as for notifying Information Technology of the TLD approval.

Registration / Management
Information Technology is responsible for registering and managing all top-level-domains approved by University Marketing Team and administering Domain Name System (DNS) records for those domains.
Note: No third parties may register domains for any LETU programs or initiatives. If approved by University Marketing Team, such domains will be registered by Information Technology via the process above.
Information Technology, as part of the registration process, will ensure that LeTourneau University is listed as the official owner of the domain and will set the university's administrative and technical contacts as appropriate on the domain records.

LETU.EDU domain
The LETU.EDU domain is the domain generally intended for use by any LETU program, site, or other service. Use of domains outside the LETU.EDU domain for any internet-accessible LETU technology presence requires the approval of University Marketing Team in consultation with Information Technology.

Other EDU domains
EDUCAUSE, which administers the .EDU domain, does not permit a single accredited institution to have more than one domain in the .EDU domain.

Subdomains (e.g., mail.letu.edu) represent individual services within TLDs. Subdomains are reserved for use by services approved as part of University Technology or Marketing Team projects or other University need.

Commercial (.COM) domains
Commercial (.COM) domains are generally not permitted as the main DNS name of a LETU program or initiative. They may be requested under the following guidelines:
  • .COM domains may be used for marketing efforts where the domain is approved by the University Marketing Team and the domain is registered by Information Technology. In general, such Web sites should be limited in nature, designed to gather marketing metrics and applicant information, and linking to the main LETU.EDU Web site for most content.
  • .COM domains may be used as an intellectual property "hedge" to protect the marketing investment in another TLD. For instance, if LETUPrograms.net was the official source of content information for a specific LETU program, it would be acceptable to register LETUPrograms.com to guard against a competing registration of the domain by another organization. In this case, the .com domain would not be marketed, and would serve merely to redirect to the .net domain.
  • .COM domains should not be used as the main/official Web site for any university program or organization unless specifically approved by the University Marketing Team.

Other Domains
Other TLDs (such as .NET, .ORG, .INFO, and others) that do not have include .EDU or .COM in the domain name must follow the same approval and registration processes noted above.

General naming conventions

Domain names reflect on the university, the campus, and the program or department represented. Selected names must be specific enough to accurately characterize the entity or service being represented or marketed without confusion with other services the University offers. Domain names should be professional in appearance and approved by the University Marketing Team.

Proper Usage

LeTourneau University prohibits the use of Information Technology Resources for commercial purposes. All functions of University owned and operated resources, including the University Web site and its contents, are solely used for University-related initiatives, including promotion, projects and fundraising.