Calendar Event Submission Instructions

To submit a calendar event:

  1. Visit www.letu.edu/cal.
  2. Click "Submit an Event" at the bottom left of the page, under the "Events Calendar Info" heading.
  3. Enter your LetNet username and password, and click " login" to access the calendar submission page.
  4. Review the calendar submission instructions found on the " Overview" tab:
    1. Before submitting a public event, see if it has already been entered. It is possible that an event may be created under a different title than you'd expect.
    2. Make your titles descriptive: rather than "Lecture," use "Music Lecture Series: 'Uses of the Neapolitan Chord'". "Cinema Club" would also be too vague, while "Cinema Club: 'Citizen Kane'" is better. Bear in mind that your event will "share the stage" with other events in the calendar - try to be as clear as possible when thinking of titles. Express not only what the event is, but also (briefly) what it's about. Elaborate on the event in the description field, but try not to repeat the same information. Try to think like a user when suggesting an event: use language that will explain your event to someone who knows absolutely nothing about it.
    3. Do not include locations and times in the description field (unless it is to add extra information not already displayed).
  5. Click the "Add Event" tab to submit your event.
  6. Enter event details, including event title, date/time, duration (if applicable) and description. Also add the cost, event URL and image URL (if applicable).
  7. Click "next."
  8. Select event location from the drop-down menu. (Or suggest new location below).
  9. Click "next."
  10. Select event contact from the drop-down menu. (Or suggest new contact below).
  11. Click "next."
  12. Select event topical area. (Or suggest new topical area below).
  13. Click "next."
  14. Enter your contact information and any comments regarding the calendar event.
  15. Click "submit for approval."
  16. Click the "My Pending Events" tab to review your calendar submission(s). Pending events may be removed or changed until published by the calendar Administrator.