University Seal Standards

The LeTourneau University seal should never be used as a replacement for the logo. The seal is used exclusively for formal occasions, such as diplomas, transcripts, convocation programs, honorary degree citations, President's Circle newsletter, etc. The seal cannot be distorted in shape or used as an oval. In most cases, the official university shield logo should be used. Use of the seal for purposes other than those stated above MUST be approved by the Senior Director for Marketing & Communications.


Significance of the Seal

The official seal of LeTourneau University bears the name and founding date of the university. The symbolism contained within the seal is unique to LeTourneau University and also includes elements that reflect upon our heritage, commitment to the Christian faith and quality higher education. Central to the seal is a book representing the Holy Bible-which is the foundation of the university's faith commitment. The bookmark contains the symbol of the cross, pointing to the atoning work of Christ. The Lamp of Learning speaks to LeTourneau's primary mission as a quality academic institution. The flame further represents the work of the Holy Spirit in maintaining our spiritual vitality. The interlocking circles represent a three-fold commitment to the development of the academic, spiritual and Christian leadership elements in all of the university's programs. The arms can represent both the strong arms of God that uphold the university and that the strength of LeTourneau University is in its people-students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. The laurel leaves emanate from an ancient Greek tradition recognizing the achievement of excellence in all pursuits and the search for knowledge. The reference to "Matthew 6:33" honors our founder, as Matthew 6:33 was R.G. LeTourneau's "life verse." This reference to God's provision in all we do continues to be relevant to every aspect of LETU. One could define the central goal of our mission, "Christ-centered," as embracing the Biblical truth that if we seek God first in all we do, He will provide for our every need.


University Seal


Updated December 15, 2010