Magnetic Name Badges

All university magnetic name badges must be ordered through the LeTourneau University purchasing agent in the business office at Ext. 4186 for the sake of consistency and accuracy.

Name Badge Copy

The decision whether to use a title on name badges is made by the individual directors or deans of each department or school to be consistent within the department or school.

  • No more than a total of three lines, including the name, should be used on the badge.
  • Name badges for faculty members should remain consistent within the schools.
  • Name badges for staff members should remain consistent within the department.
  • "Dr." is the only title used on name badges.
  • Standard abbreviations are acceptable in titles, where appropriate.
  • Secretaries within academic areas should have "Academic Secretary" as their titles. Staff secretaries should have their titles "Secretary" and then the department or school underneath the title.
  • Administrative Assistants should follow these same guidelines.

Name Badge Graphic
The shield graphic is only to be used in cases such as this, when there isn't room for the full-sized horizontal logo graphic. Use of the stand-alone shield requires specific approval from the Senior Director for Marketing & Communications.

14 pt. / 18 pt. leading *
Title: 11 pt. / 18 pt. leading *

Alternate Name Badge Graphic
The following alternative to the name badge standard displays the entire stacked university logo, which includes the unabbreviated university name. This alternate graphic is available for university faculty and staff members who routinely interact with the public and whose external work calls for visible promotion of the university (for example, admissions counselors and development staff members). Please specify the need for these alternate name badges when placing orders through the university purchasing agent.

14 pt. / 18 pt. leading *
Title: variable 9-11 pt. / 18 pt. leading *

Size and Color Standards
Name badge logo must print in PMS 288 blue. Name and title must print in black. A standard name badge size (3 1/4" x 1 1/4") will be used.

*Printer's note: Leading information for professional printer only; others disregard.

Updated June 1, 2011