One-Color Logo Options

A one-color variant of the university logo is available for use in several instances when a single-color option logo is necessary to maintain visual clarity and legibility, or a one-color graphic is the only option as determined by specific printing or stitching requirements. Appropriate standards for these reversed one-color logos are as follows. The use of each must be approved by the Senior Director of University Marketing & Communications.

One-Color Variant (Blue)

This one-color variant (blue only) is acceptable to be printed on a white background when cost limitations prohibit printing the full two-color logo:

(It should be noted that the above one-color blue version should be avoided whenever possible, as this one-color version removes some of the emphasis of the cross graphic.)

One-Color Variant (White)

This white-only variant is acceptable when it is necessary to print a one-color option on a dark background (and cost prohibits the full color printing of the logo.) Note: The lines of the globe are at a 25% opacity white.

One-Color Variant (Black)

This black-only logo variant is acceptable in instances when a one-color option is required on a white or light background (such as when photocopied on a black-only photocopier):

Note: The university logo should never be placed inside a box. The above logo examples are framed for the purpose of including the sample background colors only.

Updated December 21, 2010