Correct Logo Usage

The LeTourneau University logo should not be altered or abused in any way, but should be respected and protected as our brand identity. By following the approved graphic standards, LeTourneau University's brand identity fosters familiarity and confidence to people outside the university who recognize it as representing the institution exclusively.

The officially approved logo should appear on all documents that will reach an external audience (anyone outside of LeTourneau University faculty and staff.)

The university logo should be reproduced from authorized original illustrations only. It should not be redrawn, reproportioned or modified in any way. DO NOT:

  • Use parts of the logo to create other logos.
  • Edit the logo, including drop shadow, crop, bevel, highlight or recolor.
  • Change the aspect ratio when resizing to make it thinner or fatter.
  • Associate the logo with other images or add secondary text without prior approval from the Senior Director for University Marketing & Communications.

Please do not download low-resolution versions of the logo from the university website. High resolution and vector-based versions of our university logos can be found here.

Additional guidelines for logo usage include the following.


  • The horizontal logo is the preferred version for routine use.


  • The stacked logo is available when layout demands a narrower option.


  • The logo is not to be used in a colored or white rectangle box. If the blue version of the logo is too dark to use on the background it's sitting on, then the white version of the logo should be used.


  • The blue-lettered logo should be used on white or light backgrounds.


  • The white-lettered logo with thin white line around the shield should be used on dark or blue backgrounds. (The large blue box here is provided only to show the white version of the logo. Boxes are not permitted around the logo in actual use.)


  • The shield is not to be separated from the university name, with the exception of circumstances in which the entire logo will not fit in the space allotted at a legible size (such as the university name badge.) Any use of the shield as a stand-alone graphic element must be approved by the Director of University Marketing & Communications.

Updated December 3, 2010