Logo with School / Department Names

The following options are available when a specific university area (school, department or office) is visually represented in conjunction with the university logo. For example, these options are to be used when area-specific stitching is required on clothing. Exceptions must be approved by the University Marketing & Communications. For layout recommendations and ordering information, contact the university purchasing agent in the business office at Ext. 4186. Guidelines are as follows:

Area Titles

  • Select a concise reference to your department, school or office title.
  • Selected area titles should not include "School of," "Division of," "Office of," etc.
  • Area titles should fit on one line, when possible. The length of area titles should not exceed two lines, and the width should not exceed that of the horizontal line below 'LeTourneau University.'
  • Use of an ampersand is acceptable in place of 'and' in any area title.


  • The area title below the horizontal line is Tahoma bold.
  • Any two-part area title (see second example below) is Tahoma regular.


Please refer to the recommendation appropriate to your area's title. (The blue-lettered logo should be used on white/light shirts or areas. The white-lettered logo with the thin white line around the shield should be used on blue/dark shirts or areas. The logo is not to be used in a colored or white rectangle box.)

Schools or departments may instead use a yellow horizontal line (PMS 124, so as to match the gold cross in the logo) between the university and department names.

Updated September 23, 2010