Introduction from the President

Every single day, every hour, we are incessantly bombarded with messages. It happens every time we glance at a billboard on the commute to work, absentmindedly listen to a TV commercial, view an ad on our favorite web page, or even spot the logo on a co-worker's coffee cup. Our minds are inundated with signs, symbols and communication. None of us are immune to information overload. But what information will we remember? Logic provides the answer: that which is most consistently reinforced.

Now, more than ever before, within a marketplace cluttered with competing communication, we must responsibly present the Christ-centered message of LeTourneau University both clearly and consistently -- as a light to a dark world.

The use of graphic standards reinforces LeTourneau's name recognition and visibility by providing a platform to grab people's attention with a distinctive, identifying visual mark. Proper and consistent compliance with the Graphic Standards Manual trains the eyes of our students, alumni, community and world to associate our selected symbols with LeTourneau and that for which it stands.

This fourth edition of our GSM provides a detailed outline to assist university employees and printing vendors to do just that: visually represent the university with consistent and professional quality. We are each responsible for upholding the image of LeTourneau. It is imperative that all departmental areas routinely comply with the standards and do not modify the university logo or create their own letterheads.

For your convenience, you can easily reference the GSM online. If you have questions that are not answered in this manual, contact the Director of Marketing & Communications, who must approve all new, external publications bearing the university logo prior to printing.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to the GSM as you remain ever mindful of the message of LeTourneau.

Dale A. Lunsford, Ph.D.