Graphic Standards FAQ

Q: Why is the GSM necessary?

A: Since our brains are more likely to remember messages that are consistently repeated, we must always communicate the message of LeTourneau University in a clear, uniform way. Due to the vast amount of daily correspondence and communications material the university produces on a daily basis, all faculty, staff, students and vendors must have a common visual framework to follow if we are to effectively project and protect LeTourneau's image. Reinforcing a consistent representation of LETU is vital to create and maintain a presence in the minds of the audiences we most want to reach and impact.

Q: Do I have to follow the GSM guidelines?

A: Every party who produces any communication materials, printed or electronic, on behalf of LeTourneau University and/or represents the institution in any capacity must follow the graphic standards.

Q: Are exceptions to the GSM allowed for special projects?

A: The GSM is a living document that will be amended to address exceptions or newly encountered issues. However, when such circumstances do arise, judgment calls will need to be made on a case-by-case basis by the Senior Director for Marketing & Communications.

Q: Can we use colors other than the official blue, yellow and gold on university graphics?

A: No. Official university colors are to be used as indicated on all signature graphics. As a rule, no other colors may be used. The exclusive incorporation of the designated colors in university correspondence and official materials readily reinforces the university image.

Q: Can we redesign or reword any of our official graphics?

A: No. Official seals and signatures should never be altered in any manner. These master designs have been carefully configured for easy legibility and recognition. If you discover an application that requires additional analysis of the effectiveness of a current configuration, contact the Senior Director for Marketing & Communications.

Q: When is it appropriate to use the university mascot?

A: The athletic mascot (Buzz, a yellow jacket), should not be used as a replacement for the logo. Its use is reserved for athletic teams, the athletic booster club and student groups. It may not be used by other university officers unless advance approval is given by the Senior Director for Marketing & Communications.

Q: When is it appropriate to use the university seal?

A: The LeTourneau University seal is used exclusively for formal occasions, such as diplomas, transcripts, convocation programs, honorary degree citations, President's Circle newsletter, etc. Any other uses of the seal must be approved by the Senior Director for Marketing & Communications. In most cases, the official university logo should be used, as the seal should never function as a replacement for the logo.

Q: Do the GSM guidelines apply to an outside vendor (advertising agency, design firm, printer, etc.) that produces marketing and communications solutions for the university?

A: Yes. The GSM guidelines apply to all who are working on behalf of the university across all of their academic campuses and centers. Adherence to our graphic standards is critical to our ongoing relationships with our valued partners. A thorough understanding and agreed use of these guidelines are a prerequisite for producing work on behalf of LeTourneau University. Contact the Senior Director for Marketing & Communications for information regarding the use of these guidelines.

Q: Where can I find approved photography to use?

A: For photography requests or questions regarding proper photography for use in your marketing materials, contact the Creative Director.

Q: Do the GSM guidelines restrict the design and content of university publications?

A: While unique creativity can and should be applied to university publications such as magazines, newsletters and online newsletters, each should visually flow with the university's graphical image. All university-related publications must properly incorporate the university logo and adhere to the overarching principles of the visual message of LeTourneau University.

Q: Can university departments create their own logo?

A: No. The use of an official university logo is reserved for the institution as a whole.

Q: What is the best way to use this resource?

A: Read through the GSM before incorporating the LeTourneau University graphics into your next project. As you familiarize yourself with the designated font, color and graphic selections, it will become easier to recognize proper usage of the university logo, font, etc. If you have further questions, refer back to the guidelines to make sure you've read through them carefully before contacting the Senior Director for Marketing & Communications.