Stock Transfer Information

Stocks, Bonds & Securities

LeTourneau University maintains an account with Southwest Securities Inc. When a transfer is initiated, it is very important that you notify LeTourneau University that you are making a gift.

Please send notification to:

University Development
P.O. Box 7001
Longview, TX 75607

Please provide the following information:

  1. Your name and address
  2. The name of the security and the number of shares you are donating
  3. The designation, if any, of you gift

Electronic Donations

Southwest Securities Inc.
Account #744569254
Firm DTC # 0279
Southwest Securities Tax ID # 75-1382137

LeTourneau's Broker:
Jason Dodson
Southwest Securities
903 758-0111/800 765-1518

Stock Certificates can be mailed to the above address. Please ensure you have properly endorsed stock power forms to authorize LeTourneau to negotiate the certificates, but we recommend you do not sign over the stock certificates to LeTourneau for security and processing reasons. If you have questions on how to complete this transaction, please contact 903-233-3833 or Jason Dodson at 903-758-0111

LeTourneau University's Federal Tax ID is #75-1081109

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