1946 Society

Every Gift Counts!

The 1946 Society gives you the opportunity to engage with LETU and help offset the cost of tuition for more than 1,200 students through scholarship financial support. 1946 Society membership is renewable annually and supports the LETU Annual Fund. Corporate matching gifts also count toward membership.

Gifts of $250 to $999 to the LETU Annual Fund qualify as 1946 Society membership.

In recognition of 1946 Society membership, benefits include:

  • Subscription to NOW magazine
  • Special edition calendar (July-June)
  • Recognition in annual Donor Honor Roll edition of NOW Magazine and on LETU website
  • 20% discount on purchases in the LETU Campus Store

Got a Match?

You may be able to double or even triple the size of your contribution if you work for a company that matches the charitable donations of its employees. Find out if your company participates and make your gift grow!

1946 Society
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