Heritage Scholarship Competition FAQ

When is the Heritage competition?
The Heritage competitions will be held November 16-17, 2018 and January 18-19, 2019. It is by invite only. Invitations will begin being sent to eligible, accepted students on October 1, 2018 for November Heritage and November 21, 2018 for January Heritage .

Why are there two Heritage Competitions?
With the success of previous events, we wanted to offer a second option to compete for a scholarship.

Do I have to attend both events?
No, we are offering two events out of convenience for you the student and family.

Will the November Heritage event be different than the January Heritage event?
We will change the prompts, but aside from that, they will be identical events.

When do I need to arrive on Friday?
If you want to do the preview portion, then you will need to arrive by 9:30 am. If you will not be joining us for the Preview portion of the event, the Required Competition check-in time is 4:00-6:30 pm on Friday.

Do I need to attend the preview portion on Friday morning?
No. We understand some of you have already been here for a preview. We also understand that some of you will need the extra time to travel and some of you can't miss any more school. As long as a student checks in between 4-6:30pm, they will be good.

When is the absolute latest I can be there to check in on Friday and still compete?
All students must check in between 4-6:30 pm on Friday.

What if I need to come in on Thursday?
If a student is coming in without any parents and we (LeTourneau) pick them up from the Gregg County Airport (GGG), bus station, or Amtrak; we will house the student on campus for Thursday and Friday night. If a student is coming with a parent and they are here on Thursday, then the student will need to stay with the parent at the hotel for the night.

Does it cost anything to come and compete?
LeTourneau does not charge students a fee to compete in the Heritage Scholarship Competition. Once on campus, meals and lodging are free for the competing students. Parents should expect to pay for a hotel if they choose to attend with their student. Some area hotels offer LeTourneau discounts for parents.

Do I have to come to Longview to compete?
Yes. Due to the nature of the competition, students are required to be on campus for the event.

Should my parents come with me?
Absolutely. We highly encourage parents to come and learn more about LeTourneau.

What items do I need to submit before I arrive?
You need to upload your essay, a link to your video, and your resume if you have not done so already. Upload your items here.

How should I dress for the interview?
Here are the minimums.
Men: A button down shirt, tie and appropriate pants to match.
Women: Dress pants or skirt and an appropriate top to match.

What do I need to bring to campus with me?
Aside from the professional attire for the interview (see above), you should pack like it's a two-day vacation. It can be chilly (it has snowed in the past), so pack a jacket or sweater and keep checking the weather. I would also recommend bringing a blanket as we will be able to have sheets for your bed, but we cannot provide everyone with a blanket. The rooms are heated (of course) so you don't need a heavy blanket, just something to keep you comfortable.

How many scholarships are awarded?
There are 10 Heritage scholarships in total that will be split between the 2 weekends.

Exactly how much is the Heritage Scholarship worth?
The Heritage Scholarship covers full tuition for 4 years, including tuition increases.

When will I know if I have been awarded the scholarship?
All students will be notified of their results in the two weeks following the competition.

What do I do if I win?
Celebrate! A Heritage Scholarship contract will be sent to you with specific details.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
Call your admissions counselor at 1.800.759.8811

Questions? Contact:

Kristine Slate

Director of Admissions,
Heritage Coordinator