The Mission of R. G. LeTourneau

R. G. LeTourneau felt that he was clearly led by to to business as his calling. The workplace was his mission field. It was as "God's businessman" that he pursued his reason for existence: to glorify God and spread the Gospel message.

His ministry, however, was not limited to business enterprises. At his own expense, he founded missionary efforts in Liberia, Africa and Peru, South America that encompassed evangelistic as well as economic initiatives. He traveled around the nation and the world preaching and sharing his testimony at his own expense as well. Visitors to the R. G. LeToruneau Museum frequently recall the impact these messages had on them and their family members.

Mr. LeTourneau always felt that his lasting spiritual legacy would be the college he and his wife founded in Longview, Texas in 1946. The college--now LeTourneau University--continues to hold to its spiritual foundations and has produced more than 20,000 alumni who are faithfully serving the Lord in all 50 states and 40 nations. The mission continues to grow and thrive as LeTourneau alumni claim every workplace in every nation as their mission field.