Acquisition Policy

This page includes information relative to the selection of materials for the Margaret Estes Library and Learning Resource Center.

Faculty, in conjunction with the Library Director, have the primary responsibility of selecting materials. Any person, however, can request the purchase of an item for the Library.

Selection priorities are as follows:

  1. Faculty requests for classes
  2. Collection development as determined by the Library staff
  3. Curriculum-related needs identified both by patrons and Library staff
  4. Other needs that are identified

Requests for purchase should be submitted to the Library secretary, via campus mail, e-mail, or fax. The request should include:

  • Full name of person making the request, including phone number and email address.
  • All available bibliographic information. This can be items from a bibliography, a circled review, circled items from a catalog, a handwritten citation, a print-out from an online reference such as FirstSearch, etc.
  • The reason for purchase should also be included.