FAQ - Transcripts

How do I get a transcript?

Former students may initiate transcript requests on the web by selecting Order Online. Using this link will require that you print, sign, and return a consent-to-release-transcript form.

Current students should log into MyLETU with their username and password.

How are transcripts sent?

During the online order, you will be instructed to identify the recipient of your transcript.

If you request electronic delivery of your transcript, it will be delivered as a PDF document through a secure Web application. You will be notified when the transcript is sent and also when it is received.

  • Electronic delivery is possible through our established network of more than 2,300 certified receivers or to any individual if you provide us with their email address.
  • Before sending an electronic transcript to an individual, please verify that the individual is willing to accept this secure PDF transcript. To ensure proper notification, request the individual to add @escrip-safe.com to their safe sender email list.
  • Other delivery methods
    • If your transcript cannot be delivered electronically it will be sent by U.S. first class mail.
    • You will be provided the option to use express postal delivery methods; additional postage fees will apply.
    • You may request to pick-up your transcript at the Registrar's office.

How soon can you send my transcript?

Transcript requests are processed in the order they are received, with the transcript ordering system updating every 15 minutes to process new orders. If there is a financial hold on the student's account, a transcript request cannot be processed. You will need to contact Student Accounts at 1-903-233-4130 for residential student accounts or 1-903-233-4140 for global student accounts.

Did you receive my request for a transcript?

You will receive email notifications that will inform you of when your transcript has been produced, electronically delivered, and read by the receiver. Optionally, you may elect to receive text-messages. You will also be able to check your order status and order history online.

What is the difference between the official and unofficial transcript?

An official transcript is mailed in a sealed envelope directly to a school, employer, scholarship donor, etc. An unofficial transcript is a faxed or e-mailed transcript or a transcript sent directly to the student. A transcript sent directly to the student will be on official transcript paper, but will be stamped "Issued to Student" and is considered unofficial.

How much does it cost to have a transcript sent?

You will be charged $2.00 for each copy of your transcript and an additional online convenience fee of $3.00 charged for each receiver of your transcript (regardless of the number of copies being sent). During the online order process a major credit card will be required to pay these fees. Additional fees will apply for transcripts that you have requested be printed and mailed, as well as additional overnight fees.