Passage Institute for Youth and Theology

The Passage Fellowship

The heart of Passage is the Fellowship, a carefully crafted year-long immersion in Christian theology and practices in which youth are able to take their faith to the next level. Key features of the Passage Fellowship include:

  • engaging directly with LeTourneau University Theology Faculty
  • participating in two meaningful and exciting weeks of mission projects, outdoor activities, worship, and theological study on LeTourneau University's Longview, Texas campus
  • developing a mentoring relationship with a leader from the local church
  • designing and implementing a project for the local church

The Passage Fellowship will transform youth for Christian leadership in both their churches and communities as they faithfully respond to Jesus' call to participate in God's mission.

Here's what you can expect . . .


Each year we will be looking for 50 high school students who have demonstrated Christian leadership and an interest in pursuing their Christian faith at a deeper level. Preference will be given to students who will be juniors during the Passage Fellowship, but we also encourage nominations and applications for sophomores and seniors. The process can occur in two ways. Parents, pastors, youth pastors, or church leaders may nominate youth who they believe will benefit and thrive in the Passage Fellowship. Once a nomination is received, then the youth will be notified. At that point, the nominated youth will need to complete an application along with securing the appropriate references. Also, youth can initiate the process by first completing an application, and then securing a nomination and references. Nominations and references can be done by the same person. Completed nominations, application, and references are due by December 20. These will be reviewed by the Passage Leadership Team, and invitations to be Passage Fellows will be sent out in March.


In consultation with the Passage Leadership Team and the local church, a Passage Mentor from the youth's local church will be designated. Each Mentor will complete an application and review process to address willingness, commitment, and aptitude for being a Passage Mentor. Passage Mentors will attend a one day Passage Mentor Training in early fall. The Passage Mentor Retreat will equip each Passage Mentor with the tools and resources needed to be an effective mentor.

Passage Residential Experience

The Passage Residential Experience occurs in two phases, bookending the Passage Fellowship year.

Phase I takes place in mid-June. Passage Fellows will gather on LeTourneau University's Longview campus for an intensive week of study, worship, and practice. Seminars will be led by LeTourneau University top-flight Theology Faculty as Passage Fellows delve into classic Christian theology. But, don't merely think of "ivory tower" theology. Passage Fellows will take the ideas learned in class to the streets through mission projects and outdoor adventures. Also, considerable time be given to nurturing the inner life and in developing Christian community. Think of it as a retreat on steroids, a combination of mission trip, camp, and discipleship class all rolled into one.

Phase II happens one year later, in which Phase II Passage Fellows take on leadership roles in the Passage Residential Experience, move on to advanced theology seminars, and provide guidance for Phase I Passage Fellows.

Mentoring Year

Following the Phase I Passage Residential Experience, Passage Fellows embark on their Mentoring Year. Passage Fellows will meet regularly with their Passage Mentor. The Passage Leadership Team will provide discipleship resources to guide Passage Mentors and Passage Fellows as they journey in taking classic Christian theological principles and putting them into practice in their everyday lives.

During the Mentoring Year, the Passage Mentor and Fellow will design and implement a Passage Project for their church community. A one day retreat will be held at LeTourneau University in January of the Mentoring Year for all Passage Mentors and Fellows. The focus of the retreat is the development of the Passage Project. Additionally, the Passage Leadership Team will be in constant personal and virtual contact to assist the execution and evaluation of the project. As indicated above, Phase II of the Passage Residential Experience closes out the Mentoring Year.

Passage 2.0

After this amazing year, you can keep Passage going in your life by opting in for an additional residential week following Phase II. During this week, Passage Fellows have the opportunity to continue studying with LeTourneau University Theology Faculty by completing a university class in Biblical Literature, a fully accredited university course. Also, all those completing the Passage Fellowship will be eligible for significant scholarships if they choose to attend LeTourneau University.

How to apply:

We invite rising high school juniors in East Texas to apply for the Passage Fellowship-a year long process of discerning God's call that focuses on mentorship, service, worship and is bookended by an intensive educational week on LeTourneau's campus.

Applicants must complete the online application, which includes a few short essays, one nomination from a leader in their local church, and one letter of recommendation from a possible mentor in their church.

Applications for the 2018 Passage Fellowship are now accepted on a rolling basis.

How to nominate a fellow:

Is there a student in your church or ministry who shows leadership promise and would benefit from the opportunity to explore God's calling for his or her life?

We invite youth leaders, pastors, and teachers to nominate students for the Passage Fellowship. Your nomination will initiate that student's application. Students will be notified that they have been nominated by email with a link for the student to complete the rest of the application process.