Ministry & Missions Opportunities


A big part of learning how to reach out to a hurting world with God's truth and grace is actually doing it. Here, you'll have plenty of chances to take your interests and knowledge from your classes and apply it in Christian ministry opportunities.

  • Christian Service Assignment
    As a Bible major, you'll spend at least half of your time at LeTourneau involved in outreach. This part of the curriculum allows you to identify your passions and apply them in a variety of churches, Christian organizations, service projects or missions trips.
  • Internships
    As a Christian Ministry major, you'll work closely with a supervisor in a ministry experience. Students may complete their internship in churches, Christian organizations, with missionaries or with chaplains. This is where everything you have learned in Bible and Christian Ministry classes is put into practices.
  • Local Churches
    Longview, Texas, offers a variety of churches in several denominations in which our Biblical Studies students are involved.
  • LeTourneau Student Ministries
    Locally, you have the chance to be involved in a variety of Christian ministries. Our students enjoy working in a number of youth ministries either at churches or with Young Life. Some students prefer working for Habitat for Humanity, Campus Crusade, nursing homes, homeless shelters, women's shelters and other community outreach programs. The student-led group, LeTourneau Student Ministries, organizes many of the community outreach opportunities.
  • Leadership
    Every LeTourneau student has a chance to be involved in leadership opportunities on campus.
  • Missions trips
    Each year, groups of students spend a week serving during spring break. Students also work with several different missionary organizations during the summer.



If you are interested in being a missionary, LeTourneau can give you both a biblical foundation and technical skills. Each year, dozens of mission agencies and ministry recruit our students for Christian service during Missions Emphasis Week. More than 260 LETU alumni are missionaries throughout the world (and those are just the ones we know about!).

We recommend that future church planters and evangelists major in Christian Ministry.

Those who want to be tentmakers, who serve overseas for the purpose of Christian evangelism but also work part-time or full-time as technical employees in a secular capacity, should major in their technical field of choice.

There are also several special programs for those interested in combining the technical skills with ministry:

If you want to be a missionary pilot, computer programmer, teacher or other support missionary, we recommend majoring in a technical field such as aeronautical science, computer science, education or another major to fit your interest. Then we suggest earning a minor in cross cultural studies and taking a minimum of 15 hours of Bible courses.