Student Opportunities

Ministry and Mission Opportunities

Our students get plenty of practice sharing God's love with a world that desperately needs it. We get our students out into the community and to the ends of the earth to practice ministry and spread the message of Jesus.

Whether they're working with a local church or mission, spending their spring break on a missions trip, learning to be a support missionary in a technical field or filling a leadership position in LeTourneau Student Ministries, our students are learning the meaning of ministry.


Travel Opportunities

We want our students to see the world. That way, once they graduate, they will be prepared to make an impact for Christ in every workplace and every nation. Whether our students travel for a week or a semester, we want all of them to interact with other cultures and experience historic locations firsthand.

We give our students opportunities to participate in spring break and summer study trips, travel abroad for missions trips, and even spend entire semesters studying abroad. What are you waiting for? Fill up your suitcase and get ready for an adventure!