Steven Vance

Study Abroad Experience

Jerusalem University College

The scholarship consisted of two separate courses; the first was Historical and Geographical Settings of the Bible while the second was Jesus and His Times. The first covered both the Testaments and the second focused on the New Testament.

We walked between 5 and 10 miles a day. I took 3,000 pictures and lost 13 pounds, but boy did we see Israel! From Dan to Maktesh Ramon, and Tel Aviv to Amman, we covered the Holy Land! We spent three days in Jordan and had the privilege of visiting Petra.

Most of our time was spent out on the Tels and walking the wilderness trails. Most of what Jesus saw and a lot of what the Old Testament characters experienced (geographically) was included in the curriculum.

One thing is for sure; you can read as much as you want and see as many pictures as you want, but NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING substitutes seeing it for yourself. If you get the chance to go to Israel, do not hesitate: GO!!!!