Rachel's Journal - Entry 6

Church has been going good lately. This past week, I decided to spend some quality time with one of the girls from my small group. I took her to dinner and then we went to the mall and then I brought her back to my apartment to hang out for a while. I struggled with the idea of feeling like I was picking favorites by taking out only one of like 6-10 girls that I see and spend time with on a usual basis, but I decided that she needed some hang out time, and I wanted to spend it with her. Some things that I know about her past led me to just have this burning desire to spend as much time with her as possible, because it just breaks my heart to think of all that she has gone through, and knowing that as a result of that, she no longer lives with her mother, but rather her dad and two brothers. I could tell that this time meant so much to her. We had some really good talk time and I found out so much about her…honestly more than I really wanted, but at the same time, what I needed, if that makes sense at all.

I find that I don't really know how to relate to kids that have been through a divorce and have a rough family situation, because I come from such a loving and nurturing Christian home. But, as hard as it is for me because I can't empathize since I haven't been in their situation, I think that maybe it can be a positive thing because I allow them to see a girl that has grown up in a completely stable home, and perhaps that can be encouraging to them in the midst of a world so filled with divorce and family junk. All I know is that these kids need love. They need someone to just spend that quality time with them and show them that they mean something. My time spent with this girl this past week showed just how much things like this mean to kids going through junk like that in their lives.